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  1. OLIVER SHIRLEY Post author

    My son attained the rank of Eagle Scout. Could you please send him a letter/certificate of recognition? Please forward to the appropriate office He is enrolled in the Engineering Academy at Patrick Henry High School.
    Thank you.
    Eagle Scout Oliver Lewis Shirley IV
    Troop 51, La Mesa, CA
    St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church
    Board of Review date: 10/15/2014
    Court of Honor date: 01/11/2015
    He constructed and installed twelve small bird nest boxes for Mission Trails Regional Park, benefitting House Wrens, Ash-Throated Flycatchers, Bewick’s Wrens, Tree Swallows, Western Bluebirds and House Finches.
    Return Address:
    Oliver Shirley
    4591 Catherine Ave.
    San Diego, CA 92115

  2. Imre Hargitai Post author

    Addresses: IMRE HARGITAI
    H-2030 Erd III.
    Irnok utca 9 /J0030
    Hungary / Europe

    Erd, 31th March 2015

    Dear, J. D. Hayworth !

    For an unknown fan of yours please, allow me to take your time only for a few moments in this fast paced world.
    Perhaps I would say a few words about myself: My name is Imre, I am a partially disabled man bound to a wheelchair, living in a small town in Hungary. Despite of my daily challenges and difficulties I am open to the beauties and hidden secrets of this world and pay attention to life around me.
    When I find myself between four walls I reach out to my favorite hobbies: I love to read, being it daily news or a good book. I don’t like silence, because of it some kind of music always accompanies me. I watch TV, mostly Discovery and History channels. Of course the world of Internet isn’t far from me either. I read a lot about world events, conflicts and its mysteries. I can travel around the world virtually, meet fantastic people, learn about their culture and learn new food recipes.
    It was several years ago when first time I heard of the exciting world of collecting autographs. Since then it became a major passion for me. I advanced in this field more and more and today I am already a proud owner of a nice collection. It’s such a good feeling to turn the pages of my albums next to a warm fireplace. Sometimes a dedicated photograph can put me back to the past and relive my related memories.
    As years went by I became kind of addicted to this hobby that is indeed the sole source of fun in my life unfortunately, But it is an important part of my every day life.
    It is my greatest pleasure to meet a lot of fantastic people, get to know them from many different areas of this life, whose autograph I would love to have in my collection. I adore special things, the sport is everything for me even if I can enjoy it from a wheelchair. But I love nice, moving things that touch my heart…
    People from any field of life make me curious since they bring joy and many valuable moments to those who can take all of them in. Well, I am one of those folks and these moments make me live and give energy to the fight in this life.
    Dear J. D. Hayworth ! I am a big fan of Yours, in the past You made my life richer with many interesting moments and lifetime experience. I would love to save these feelings in my collection and with your autographed photograph.
    Unfortunately I have no way to meet you in person hence I am writing you this letter. Would you please, send me two photographs of yours with your hand written signature… It would make my dream come true and make me very happy that it could become part of my collection. I thank you for your time and effort in the hope, that it won’t inconvenience you by any means since I didn’t mean to. Sorry for the mistake, but I don’t speak English well.
    At the end of my letter I thank You for reading it and at the same time I wish you all the best at work, in your life!
    Imre Hargitai

  3. Vera Gibbons Post author


    For some reason, I can’t find your email add .. thought I had it here somewhere !

    Anyway, recently signed on as a sr. consumer analyst w and wanted to see if there is any interest in my doing a segment w you Mem Day week .. on gas prices – where they are now/where headed, what this means to roadtrips, air travel and other summer trends ..

    Love to do – can do out of NY bureau – anytime … let me know?

    Thanks! Vera

  4. Johnny Daniel Post author

    J.D. The time is ripe for you to run for the senate one more time. Needless to say, both senators for our state of Arizona are so progressive and left leaning that they should change their party affiliation to Democrat. JD make some noise and get ready to run for Jeff Flake’s seat in the mid-term election. I supported you when you ran against Mc Cain and I will do my best to provide as much assistance as humanly possible.


    Johnny “JD” Daniel

  5. Nathan perry Post author

    Hi JD , picking you up on newsmax in the triangle area of NC , looking youthful and sounding good , Nathan Perry , your old play by play sidekick for wolfpack womens basketball over at WKNC

    Keep up the good work
    Hope to see you in the senate
    If you ever need any one for voice over work i’m here if needed !
    Pro bono – natch

  6. Paul L Post author

    Dear J.D.,

    Calling an entire country a “SHITHOLE”
    as attributing to something the status of “BIG FUCKING DEAL”.

    If Trump was to speak the truth about almost anything that would be a “BIG FUCKING DEAL”.
    Sadly, he probably won’t be able to accomplish that which is why the Oval Office is now a “SHITHOLE”.

    Words only have meaning when they are viewed within context.

    For instance, let’s take “ASSHOLE”.
    Ex 1 – I have an asshole.
    Ex 2 – J.D. Hayworth IS an asshole.
    See how they’re different based on their context?

    Bye Bye J.D.


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